CSR Green Environment


In view of the rapid expansion of modern industries, establishing a green working environment and landscaping have become increasingly important for industrial enterprises. Greenery can effectively improve the ecosystem, purify the air, and produce organic matter using the moisture and nutrients in the soil through photosynthesis, thereby providing necessary food for heterotrophs.

Kingdom attaches great importance to environmental protection and strives to maintain the balance between innovation and natural harmony so as to achieve green growth. The Group has taken action to boost its investment in environmental protection and has proactively established a green production environment in order to foster comprehensive green corporate growth.

To create a beautiful, refreshing and harmonious green working environment, Kingdom has established a green working environment by planting suitable local plants in factory areas to keep dust down and create good landscaping effects. Walking inside Kingdom’s production bases, you can see green trees, green lawn and red flowers everywhere between neatly arranged office buildings and factory workshops. This green environment genuinely signifies Kingdom’s efforts to promote environmental protection, and green operation, which demonstrates the comprehensive corporate strengths of the Group. Advocating the slogan of “Plant ten thousand trees in return for a green space”, Kingdom has launched the “Forest Plan” in 2009. Kingdom organises tree planting events every year and has planted over 10,000 trees so far.