The first dew-retting flax scutching factory in China is resided in Yili


On 12th July 2007, Zhaosu Jindi Flax Co. Ltd., with total investment of RMB50 million, commenced its construction in Zhaosu. It was the first dew-retting flax scutching company in China, indicated a new progress in Chinese dew-retting flax industry, and ends the complete dependence on import for dew-retting flax.

 The primary material for linen industry is scutched flax, which is divided into two kinds by different ways to unglue pectin, "dew-retted flax " and "water-retted flax". water-retted flax is the flax retted in natural lake or in water pond, easily resulting in severe water pollution; while dew-retted flax is the flax retted directly on ground, through sun baking, and natural rain, to strip the skin and break up the stem. As whole process of dew-retted flax scutched flax without using water, so dew-retted flax stands for a higher technology with no water pollution, and produces better quality with higher fibre ratio of scutching. during last several years, though our domestic linen industry is developing fast, due to some negative factors in climate and planting technique, flax is retted mainly in traditional water retting, so the production of  high-quality linen fabric depends only on import of dew-retted flax from European countries. based on the planting experiments during last two years, Kingdom Holdings has invested RMB50 million to introduce and learn the most advanced planting technique and processing technology for dew-retted flax in the world, and build the first dew-retting flax scutching company. This company covers over 300 mu in land, and studies "company+farmers" as the operation pattern. it was estimated that the capacity of dew-retting scutched flax in 2008 will be over 3000 tons, representing over 60% of total capacity in China.

Mr. Ren Weiming, the Chairman of Kingdom and the vice-director of China Bast and Leaf Fibers Textile Association, said: "The construction of the first dew-retting flax scutching enterprise in China, is the outcome of consistency with scientific development in linen industry, and a new beginning of reforming the outdated traditional water retting and industrial upgrade by technological innovation".  It ended our total dependence on import of dew-retting scutched flax, has important meaning in sustainable and stable development of our linen industry, and leads to optimistic anticipation of domestic linen market. the scutching enterprise in Zhaosu can not only turn the local resource into industrial advance effectively, but also transform the outdated old tradition of water retting to non-pollution and high-technology dew-retting development. it generates new energy and a vast landscape for the development of flax industry in Yili area.