Benefits for farmers

It is anticipated that compliance with the REEL Linen Code will generate similar positive results to the REEL Cotton programme in the areas of increased yield and profits, and reductions in the use of water, chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Benefits for brands

The REEL Linen Code has been developed for brands which are committed to sourcing more sustainable linen, including improving environment, quality and traceability conditions in their supply chain factories and farms worldwide.

Brands can include compliance with the REEL Linen Code as a requirement to suppliers of linen yarn and fabric. Flax fibres produced in compliance with the REEL Linen Code are traceable from seed to yarn, supporting the transparency and traceability of brands’ textile supply chains.

Benefits for consumers

More and more consumers are concerned about what are contended and what are not contended in the products they consume, because this has impacts not only on their health but also on the environment and life quality of future generations.

Products complying with REEL Linen Code provide one more option for these consumers who want to do the responsible purchase and care about the future generation.