“The REEL Linen Code of Conduct offers me an opportunity to demonstrate my best farming practices over several years to my buyers in a transparent and integral way, so that they have the certainty that I manage the land in a responsible way, and my linen products are in line with their values of sustainability.”
                                   ——A linen farmer trained on the REEL Linen Code in France

“When grown right, linen can be a very sustainablecrop, creating environmental, social and economicbenefits. Kingdom’s suppliers have, over manyyears, finessed the art of linen fibre cultivation andprocessing, and Kingdom takes great care to spinthese fibres into yarns in the same spirit. With theREEL Linen Code, Kingdom and CottonConnectwant to create a trusted and independentassurance mechanism for brands and consumersthat their linen was produced in a verifiedsustainable way, from farm to yarn.”
                                 ——Christof Walter, Sustainable Agriculture Expert