REEL Linen, is a new green linen product built in a sustainable mode of production. 

Led by Kingdom Holdings and CottonConnect, REEL Linen is a sustainability-driven initiative for brands which are committed for sourcing more sustainable linen, including improving environment, quality and traceability conditions in their supply chain factories and farms worldwide. Followed by the idea of “Responsible Environment, Enhanced Livelihood”, it implements sustainable development into production practices.

REEL Linen pilot is centered by carrying out the REEL Linen Code of Conduct. At present, the main cultivation areas of high quality flax in the world are concentrated in Normandy, France. The pilot will provide Normandy farmers working with Kingdom with training on sustainable linen planting technology, and 4 scutching factories have been involved for now. According to the code, linen produced can be traced for the whole process from farm to fabric.