About Kingdom Milestones


  • 2021

  • January Zhejiang Jinyuan Flax Co., Ltd was rated the “Provincial Invisible Champion".
    Heilongjiang Kingdom Enterprise Co., Ltd was selected into 2nd batch of the list of “Little Giant” Enterprises with specialization, refinement, differentiation, innovation.

    August Kingdom T-Sun (Shanghai) Co., Ltd began full operation.
    1st batch of linen yarn from Kingdom (Ethiopia) Linen PLC was successfully sent to Europe and India market.
    100 metric count pure linen yarn was developed.

    September 2000-Ton Low Count Yarn (Semi-wet) Project of Heilongjiang Kingdom Enterprise Co., Ltd was successfully put into production.
    November The REEL Linen Project of Kingdom Holdings was awarded “the ESG Leading Environmental Initiatives Awards” presented by Chinese Edition of Bloomberg Businessweek.
    Heilongjiang Kingdom Enterprise Co., Ltd. was awarded "National Textile Industry Advanced Group", and Tong Xiangzhen, the employee from Zhejiang Jinyuan Flax Co., Ltd, was entitled to "Model Worker of National Textile Industry ".

    December 25,000-Spindle Linen Spinning Project of Kingdom (Ethiopia) Linen PLC was put into full production.
    “For Greener Standards, For Better Quality”, REEL Linen yarn by Kingdom was officially released around the world.

  • 2020

  • 11th February Kingdom attended Première Vision Paris and displayed “Kingdom Hemp”.
    22nd March Heilongjiang Kingdom Enterprise signed an order of over 6,000 Ha of Kingdom hemp with farmer households.
    12th May Kingdom announced an agreement with world-renowned company CottonConnect on “REEL Linen” program.
    10th September Heilongiang Kingdom Enterprise was listed as “Provincial Key Leading Enterprise in Agricultural Industrialization”.
    23rd September Kingdom attended China International Trade Fair for Apparel Fabrics and Accessories, “REEL Linen” was officially launched in this Expo.
    3rd December Organic Kingdom Hemp was certified by ECOCERT SA
    Completed the adjustment and trial production of 25,000-spindle Ethiopian project
    Zhejiang Jinyuan was appraised as “Hidden Champion of Zhejiang Province”
    9000 spindles of new spinning technology equipment were put into operation.

  • 2019

  • February Kingdom participated in PV exhibition in Paris, which is the first time to establish an exhibiting stall particularly for hemp products ever before.
    April Kingdom attended Yarn Expo in Mumbai, India
    April Kingdom’s management training program “Elite Plan”, after 6 months, came to a successful conclusion.
    August Kingdom held equity award ceremony for the old employees
    September The first time for Kingdom to display hemp yarn in Shanghai Intertextile Exhibition (autumn&winter).
    November Kingdom organized “Kingdom Linen Salon 2019” in Wuzhen, and invited all its global strategic partners to come together
  • 2018

  • November Heilongjiang Jinda Flax Co., Ltd. was named as a “National-Level Green Factory”.
    August Kingdom entered into strategic cooperation with China Hi-Tech Group Corporation (China National Chemical Fiber Corp.) and People’s Government of Qinggang County to develop hemp business.
  • 2017

  • October Kingdom attended the board meeting of Fair Labour Association (FLA) convened at
    Washington DC., the US, and became a provisional member.

    September Kingdom attended the Premiere Vision Yarn & Knitwear Autumn and Winter exhibition in Paris, France.
    July Kingdom Linen — Portugal Day was successfully held.
    June Kingdom organised the 2017 Linen International (Shanghai) Forum.
    June Kingdom entered into strategic cooperation with Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural
    Sciences to jointly build hemp production base.

  • 2016

  • JAN 7 Following the success of Istanbul Day last year, the Company organised Kingdom Linen - Mumbai Day in Mumbai, India, thereby promoting linen products from China to India.
    FEB 15 Kingdom attended the PV exhibition (i.e. Première Vision in France) in Pairs.
    MAR Kingdom set up Heilongjiang Jinda Flax and Hemp Co., Ltd and test the water for the hemp.
    APR 29 Seoul Day was held in Inter-Continent Hotel in Seoul, where around 130 invited guests were received for this linen gala.
    MAY 19 Kingdom debut in the Yearly Conference of Japan Linen, Ramie & Jute Association 2016.
    JUN 4 With the opening remarks, the conference of Kingdom Linen – Suzhou Day was started at Jinji lake on 4th June. Around 150 guests from 70 enterprises were invited and present in the conference.
    JUN 24 Over 100 guests were invited to attend Kingdom Linen-Tuscany Day in Italian.
    AUG 3 Kingdom are raised in the list of “Management Innovation Model Enterprises in Zhejiang Province 2016”
    SEP 28 For the first time in the name of Chinese companies participated in the Milan yarn show.
    DEC 1 st Management Innovation Award in Zhejiang Province.
  • 2015

  • JUN 19 Zhejiang Jinyuan’s smart factory project was selected as an Indepth Information and Industry Integration Project of Zhejiang Province.
    SEP 27 Kingdom hosted “2015 Linen (Shanghai) Forum”
    DEC 7 Kingdom successfully held “Kingdom Linen (Istanbul) Day”.
  • 2014

  • MAR 11 "MUJI", a well-known brand Japan, visited our Company, which laid a good foundation for the two companies to promote mutual exchange and cooperation.
    MAR 17 A fire broke out at Jiangsu Jinyuan Flax Co., Ltd., and the fire spread across an area of about 1,000 square meters.
    APR Haiyan New Plant (Haiyan Phase II), equipped with technologically advanced machinery and equipment, was put into operation. It has an annual production capacity of 5,000 tons of flax yarns.
    JUL 17 The Company signed an investment agreement with the minister of the Ethiopian Ministry of Industry to set up a Kingdom Flax Industrial Zone in Ethiopia, witnessed by the Ethiopian Prime Minister.
    OCT 22 The Company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Siemens in Shanghai, announcing that both parties will set up a new digital factory jointly, marking Kingdom’s upgrade from a traditional manufacturing enterprise to a digital one.
  • 2013

  • JAN The colored flax yarn was officially launched into the market.
    APR 18 The prototyped "silk differential flax fiber", "cotton differential flax fiber" and "36Nm stainless steel fiber/flax blended yarn" passed the provincial new product evaluations.
    OCT 07 Zhejiang Jinyuan Flax Co., Ltd. suffered a devastating flood, and the entire plant was flooded.
    OCT 14 The Company received the "Haiyan County Government Quality Award 2013".
    OCT 16 The Technical Center of Zhejiang Jinyuan Flax Co., Ltd. was recognized as a provincial technical center of the Zhejiang Province.
    DEC 10 Zhejiang Jinyuan Flax Co., Ltd. passed the clean production audit of the Zhejiang Province.
    DEC 25 The Company received the "National Textile Industry Quality Award" and became one of the ten enterprises in China to have received this award.
  • 2012

  • JAN 25 The Company obtained the "Anti-microwave flax yarn production process" invention patent certificate.
    MAR 28 The Company obtained the "Hemp fabric reinforced composite sheet manufacturing process" invention patent certificate.
    MAY 10 The Company established a strategic cooperation with Siemens and signed the implementation of the energy-saving renovation project.
    SEP 13 The first session of the overseas flax seminar was held in Istanbul.
    NOV The construction of the third flax plant - Zhejiang Kingdom Flax Co., Ltd. Commenced.
  • 2011

  • JUN 22 The Company obtained the "Scutched flax automatic opener" invention patent certificate.
    JUL 05 The Company was rewarded the "Haiyan County Executive Quality Award".
  • 2010

  • FEB 24 The Company obtained the "Flax blended yarn production process" invention patent certificate.
    MAY 26 The Company obtained the "Flax colored yarn production process" invention patent certificate.
    DEC 08 The Company obtained the "Flax wet yarn spinning frame drawing component" invention patent certificate.
    DEC CRAPE MYRTLE was recognized as the "Export brand of Zhejiang" by the Department of Commerce of the Zhejiang Province.
    Zhaosu Jindi Flax Co., Ltd. produced and processed nearly 300 tons of organic flax fiber, occupying more tan 50% of the domestic market share.

  • 2009

  • SEP The Technical Center of Zhejiang Jinyuan Flax Co., Ltd. was appraised as the "8th batch of Jiaxing municipal enterprise (industry) technical center".
  • 2008

  • NOV The wet spinning flax coarse yarn project of Jiangsu CRAPE MYRTLE Flax Co., LTD was put into operation officially.
    The Sinkiang Zhaosu dew retting flax project was put into operation officially.

  • 2007

  • MAR The "Kingdom Charity Foundation" was set up to subsidize the employees in the company or their family members who are undergoing special economic difficulties caused by major illnesses, accidental injuries and other situations.
    MAY 23 The Company invested RMB 30 million yuan to set up the first specialized organic dew retting flax production base and achieved the breakthrough in organic dew retting flax raw material in China.
    AUG The first hand-woven pure flax fiber handmade carpet in China was born in our Company.
    SEP 07 The Kingdom Europe was established in Italy.
    DEC 07 The Company obtained the organic textile certificate issued by the Netherlands Control Union.
  • 2006

  • DEC 12 The Company was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and became the first Hong Kong-listed company in the domestic flax industry. It was also the first listed company in Haiyan County.
  • 2005

  • MAR 09 The textiles obtained OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate, becoming the trustworthy eco-textiles.
    May The"CRAPE MYRTLE" trademark obtained the registration certificate issued by the International Trademark Bureau, indicating that Kingdom Flax has successfully registered the international trademark in 20 member states in Madrid, such as United Kingdom, Germany and Italy, etc.
    The Company contributed to the construction of the "Kingdom Hope Primary School" in Cangxi County, Sichuan.

    AUG 18 The Company signed a contract with the well-known British company, CALEDONIA Investment Management Company, making it CALEDONIA's first investment in mainland China.
  • 2003

  • MAR 18 The Zhejiang Jinyuan Flax Co., LTD was founded.
    OCT 17 Jiangsu Jinyuan Flax Co., Ltd. was founded, thereby establishing a modern large-scale flax production base in the Rugao Economic Development Zone of the Jiangsu Province.
  • 2001

  • MAR The Company was appraised as the Provincial Civilized Enterprise in the Zhejiang Province.
  • 2000

  • JUL The Phase I 5,000-ingot flax production line was put successfully into production, and the first batch of flax was launched into the market, marking Kingdom's entry into the flax industry.