Our Strengths Technical Innovation

Technical Innovation

Technical Innovation

Kingdom has always been dedicated to keeping its production equipment and technology processes at the forefront of the development of the industry, and has become the global model for other industries in its adherence to sustainable development. The company has brought in advanced textile equipment successively from Germany, France, Japan, Italy and other countries. Among these equipment, the Company is pioneering the use of such equipment as the RF dryers, automatic winders and hackling machines are in China. They equipment are also equipped with the most advanced Uster yarn detection systems.

Independent Innovation

The Company has a provincial technical center and a city level R&D centre that develop proprietary linen yarn manufacturing equipment, process and technique in recent years, which has significantly improved the level of automation in the production of flax yarn. The Company currently obtained 85 patents, including 15 invention patents, 56 utility model patents and 14 registered designs.

Digital Factory

Since 2012, the Company established a strategic partnership with Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. to set up a digital factory jointly, thereby marking Kingdom's upgrade from a traditional manufacturing enterprise to a digital one.

Zhejiang Kingdom Flax Co., Ltd., the Company's third factory, is the outcome of the Company's drive for informative technology. Its production technology has reached a advanced level among its peers around the world, and a considerable number of its technologies have achieved leading statuses globally. This project owns 5 self-invention patents for its equipment and technologies, and has transformed them into practical applications in large-scale production. The project has realized the "substitution of machine for human", with the labor ratio of every 10,000 ingots being decreased by 25% when compared with the industrial average level. The project has implemented the energy management systems and power supply and distribution systems to achieve efficient energy-saving, with the water consumption having been reduced by about 50% and the electricity consumption by around 9% compared with the Company's competitors.